You know we need to change the way we live. But when you talk to others they may say

They don’t believe there is a problem

  • Climate change is not real.
  • Climate change won’t affect me.
  • Climate change won’t affect us in the UK.
  • Climate change won’t affect me in my lifetime.

They don’t agree with the cause of the problem

  • Climate change is not caused by human activity

They believe the problem is not something they can influence or control 

  • What I do won’t make a difference.

They disagree that direction you are proposing will solve the problem

  • Renewable energy is not the best option we should move to nuclear power
  • Becoming vegetarian won’t work we need to use GMO crops
  • Stopping air travel is not going to be effective we should move to electric cars
  • Its not fair if we bring our CO2 use down if others like India and China don’t. They should act first.

They believe details of your proposed solution won’t work

  • Solar power cannot support enough of our needs.
  • People can’t afford to insulate their homes.

They say yes. But acting will create a problem.

  • We will have to give up our technology and go back to the dark ages.
  • This renewable energy will cause job losses in the oil industry.

They say yes.  But we can’t implement it because…

  • Living more sustainably takes time that people haven’t got.
  • You can’t expect people to live less comfortably in order to reduce CO2.
  • The government is not supporting the change
  • Its not fair if only some people act

We can’t implement like that

  • Because many people don’t have the skills to grow food and cook from scratch
  • You can’t compel businesses to do that.

There are risks to this solution

  • The grid may not be able to cope with all this power generation
  • Power supply will not be consistent and hospitals will get cut off unpredictably
  • People will riot if they can’t eat meat
  • Corporations will collapse and jobs will be lost.

The links on this page will give you the information you need to challenge them or work with them to find solutions for the issue they raise.