The cost of travel

Human travel has exploded.  Only 150 years ago most people live and died in the same town and rarely left it.  Travel was on foot, on horse or cart. 

Travel brings new ideas and experiences. But travel has a price in CO2 emissions which warm our planet. In the excitement of finding new ways to  travel the world quickly and easily we created a society that expects goods from across the globe and expects to be able to travel to friends and occasions across the world. 

Not all travel is equal and some travel costs more in CO2.


transport_3For a 400-mile trip from London to Glasgow, the carbon dioxide emissions per passenger
travelling by road are 80.2kg, compared with 133.7kg by air and 46.8kg by rail.

In Britain, almost a quarter of annual carbon emissions are from transport, 85% of which is from road traffic.

In a report on sustainable transport, the Institute of Mechanical Engineers highlighted trains as one of the most environmentally benign ways to travel and put forward strategies to wean people away from travelling by car or plane, including extra fuel taxes, congestion charges and more aggressive road pricing.

Keeping your tyres inflated properly can improve petrol consumption by more than 3%. Four litres of petrol saved keeps 10 kg of carbon out of the atmosphere.

Most car journeys are short and could be walked or cycled instead.


If you need a bike get a reconditioned one from Watford Cycle Hub along with some lessons.  They also take unused or non roadworthy bikes and recondition them for someone else.

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Spokes exists to serve cyclists in the South West Herts area. Our main objective is to further the cause of cycling in this area. Join us, join in and help. We are independent and non political and fund ourselves through members subscriptions

Sustrans Sustainable transport charity – information on long distance cycle routes, including online UK maps at small, medium and large scales.


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Car free cities The car brought with it major unanticipated consequences for urban life and has become a serious cause of environmental, social, and aesthetic problems in cities.

VCA car fuel data Gives official fuel consumption figures so that you can make any car purchase as non-polluting as possible.


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