Measure what you use

Moving to Metered Water and reducing the amount you use can save you hundreds of £ a year.

It may help to carry out Monitoring.  Its very cheering to keep a record of your bills from day you decide to reduce your water use, then you can see how money you are saving. Some people like to install a water use logger to help them in reducing water use.

Use Less

Water Use. Flushing the loo uses often as much as 13 litres a flush.  Water use in toilets accounts for 1 litre in every 3 you use in your home. You can reduce this by putting a solid object in the cistern to reduce the amount of water taken to fill it.  If you are replacing your loo, look for one that uses less and provides the choice of a short flush as well as a longer one. Flushing the loo only when there is solid matter to dispose of saves water. You can make your garden greener by watering your plants with dilute human urine or accelerate decomposition in your compost heap by adding human urine.

Showers so long as they are short and not power showers save water over baths.  Bath water can be shared or reused for the garden.  You can plumb to collect used bathwater or buy a bath syphon so you can use the bathwater (so called grey water) to water the garden.

Choose a washing machine that is efficient in water use and always run it with a full load.

What seem like little things like not running a tap while cleaning your teeth, filing the kettle only as full as you need it and keeping a jug of cold water in the fridge so you avoid running the tap to get cold drinking water all help. Washing up in a bowl rather than under a running tap make a difference too. You can tip the washing up or muddy vegetable water over the garden to water it. Water drained from boiling vegetables is great plant food if you are not going to use it in the kitchen.

Collect free water

Thousands of litres of water fall on your house every year. If you collect it as it comes down your drain pipes you can save hundreds of pounds every year.

The first step in Water Collection is to get a water butt. Gets lots and put them under your downpipes to collect the rainwater. Stand them on bricks so you can put a bucket or watering can under the tap.  Use the water on your garden.  A water butt near your kitchen door can be used to fill the bucket you use when you mop the floor. One near where you park your car can be used for car washing.

In a more sophisticated system, water can be collected and used to flush your toilets, run your washing machine and even run through your shower or fill your bath.  

To collect enough water for all your household needs means you may need to install a tank in your garden. Sinking it into the ground or installing in a basement looks better.

Spread the word

If you talk about your savings to others and on social media you can be part of encouraging others to do the same as you. Please tell us about it on our facebook and twitter feeds.