Too much stuff

All of us have a lot of stuff in our lives. Clothes, electrical goods, furniture and other stuff. We probably have too much already. But still we buy more, tempted by advertisers who tell us what we have is not enough, not good enough, not new enough, not safe enough and not in fashion enough.

Breaking away from the pressure of the want makers is not easy but it can be done. You will have a simpler and much cheaper and probably more enjoyable life as a result.

Every day each of us throw away stuff, from the packaging round our shop bought sandwich to the car that is being replaced. The trouble is, in our world, there is no away.

Everything we buy takes the Earth’s resources to make it and everything we throw away takes the Earth’s resources to deal with it.

Full cupboards, full garage, no room?

Full cupboards, full garage, no room?

R E D U C E 

Buy less 

Reject highly packaged items


R E U S E 

Mend or adapt what you have

Borrow or hire

Buy nearly new




Sell or give away what you no longer use

Use your recycling bins

Compost anything biodegradable

Return packaging to shops that take it (Lush for example take back their packaging)


Useful Sites

Recycle now All about recycling at home.

Waste Aware Recognising that Hertfordshire’s waste problem affects all residents, Hertfordshire’s County, District and Borough Councils are working together on waste reduction and recycling schemes.

WRAP – Watford Recycling Arts Project WRAP serves Watford and the surrounding area. Material thrown out by local industry is made available for creative reuse. Anyone can be a member. Schools, playgroups, guides and scouts, carnival groups and other community ventures have joined. For an annual fee they help themselves to all kinds of inspiring material whenever they want to.

Environmental Home Remodeling: Recycling and Composting with lots of recycling ideas

Freecycle A grassroots movement of people who are giving (and getting) stuff for free.

9 Lives Furniture and Returned to Glory Provide high-quality, low-cost second hand furniture.

Save loads on books, crockery, clothes, shoes, DVDs at one of the local charity shops. Donate what you no longer need to them too.

Hemel Hempstead Freegle A member of the Freegle organisation. Throwing something away? STOP!! Keep it out of landfill by recycling it via Freegle.

HempLETS The Local Exchange Trading Scheme covering Hemel Hempstead and the surrounding areas. Members can exchange goods and services and make new friends at the same time.
HempLETS is a non-profit-making organisation with over 100 members, run by and for local residents.

NCT Nearly New Sales Quality nearly new maternity, baby and toddler goods.