Why spend money on fertilizer when you can produce your own and save water too.

Each of us produce up to 2 litres of urine a day.  It is sterile and great for plants. It acts as an accelerator for your compost heap too.

For tender plants dilute it 1 part urine to at least10 parts water and sprinkle on. Trees, shrubs and lawns are less fussy and don’t need it so dilute.  For the lazy you can just pee directly on the ground but you will get a dark green patch of grass in a day or two. 

Encouraging children to pee on the grass, while out playing, saves muddy feet across the carpet.  For girls especially, peeing outdoors and not getting it on your clothes is a skill worth learning.

Just so you know other people do it too see this TED talk.

Detailed information on the benefits of human urine and how to use it from the expertsBob Flowerdew of Gardeners Question Time is also an advocate.