Can I save money, eat well and be healthier?

Processed food from a supermarket may look like a cheap and timesaving way to feed your family.  The advertising tells you this is a healthy way to eat.  But supermarkets are well organised profit making businesses who need to separate you from your money in order to satisfy their shareholders.  There is almost no incentive for them to keep you healthy.  Most of the food standards legislation they have to comply with is there to deal with short term health problems like food poisoningEating on the run is an extremely expensive option which chain stores design themselves to tempt you into.  

To save money …

Step one is to solve eating on the run,

Step two is to reduce what you throw away,

Step three to is to buy wisely to prioritise food with fewest food miles,

Step four is to make from basics,

Step five is to reduce your consumtion of meat and dairy products as they are very energy inefficient and not good for you or the animals. 

Eating on the run

This one takes thinking ahead and planning. First start by making sure you have a reusable water bottle so you are not tempted into buying water when you are out.  If you are a coffee addict take a reusable cup with you. Coffee made at home will be cheaper for you but some coffee shops also give you a discount if you bring your own cup. Always have a snack with you.  Some fruit, some nuts whatever you like. Then work up to making a sandwich or salad in advance.  Level 5 preparedness is making a weeks worth of meals and smoothie drinks or puddings in advance – storing in the freezer in portion sized re used glass jars, taking into work each day and heating or allowing to thaw for your lunch.  You can save something like £30 to £60 a week so in a year we could be talking £2,000 plus.