We all want a clean home and cleanliness can be important for health.  Advertisers use our desires to tempt us to buy an array of cleaning products that are expensive, contain chemicals that can or do harm our health and are not necessary.

If word got out that very simple and cheap products work well or better then they would lose a lot of sales. Unsurprisingly they are not about to let you know this.

What to use and where to start

If this is new to you then start simple

  • Buy white vinegar and put it in a spray bottle diluted with water.  Experiment to see what you like. Solutions of 1 part vinegar to 1, 2, 3 or 4 parts water are recommended by various sites.  Spray on windows, mirrors or tiles and dry and polish with a soft cloth. Can be used for cleaning eye glasses too. Screwed up damp newspaper does the same great job on windows. Once you are happy give your old window spray to someone who still uses it.
  • A cloth soaked in neat white vinegar can be wrapped round taps or other areas where limescale builds up. Shower heads can be soaked in white vinegar to remove limescale and return them to their shiny clean glory.
  • In the conditioner tray in your washing machine instead of fabric conditioner, add about a quarter a mug of white vinegar.  Sweat smells will vanish from your clothing.

Once you have finished experimenting with all the uses of white vinegar then buy some washing soda.

  • To clean floors and surfaces follow the instructions on the pack.  Half a washing up bowl with a tablespoon of soda and a squirt of washing up liquid works wonders on floors and surfaces.

Washing soda is great at removing grease so it has a myriad of other uses.