Most of our food exists because bees pollinate the food plants. We need bees but our use of pesticides and the effect of climate change is killing them. 

CI_WildBumbleBees_1-300x300Wild bumblebees worldwide are in trouble, likely contracting deadly diseases from their commercialized honeybee cousins, a new study shows.

They provide a significant chunk of the world’s pollination of flowers and food, especially greenhouse tomatoes, insect experts said. And the ailments are hurting bumblebees even more, according to a study published in the journal Nature.

How to Help

Plant flowers that bees love. Make sure you have something suitable for bees, in flower, in your garden from early spring to autumn.

Use no chemical pesticides.  There are very good natural alternatives.

In corners and under hedges leave some rotting logs for bee homes.

Let wild flowers and weeds grow in a corner or two.

Always help bees trapped indoors back to the outside.

Buy organic food to discourage farmers from using pesticides.

Ask your local authority not to spray public areas with pesticides.