We aim to save you money and reduce …
Your Energy use.  
Your food miles and find healthy local Food.
Waste and help you own and buy less Stuff.
The fossil fuels you use through Transport.
  • Dates for the 2016 Community Markets coming soon

    Dates for the 2016 Community Markets coming soon

  • Re-home a fruit tree

    Re-home a fruit tree

  • About
    Use curtains with thermal lining and a blind for best effect.
  • 2015 The Warmest on Record The effects of climate change are evident to all. Please join us and be one of the team taking action to slow the effects.
We are your local transition team.  
Abbots in Transition aims to make living in Abbots Langley more pleasant, lower cost and create a more sustainable future for everyone by reducing our C02 emissions which are warming the planet and changing our weather.  
Part of the Transition Network
Transition helps everyone take action to slow the rise in CO2 levels in our atmosphere.  We want to delay the effects of climate change. Groups who are part of the Transition Network also help the community adapt to the effects of what are now inevitable changes in our climate. 
We can help you live more sustainably and lower your living costs. We would also like you to help others. To find out more contact us